The Royal Exchange Hotel Cork Club began in 1973 when three patrons having a beer in the main bar at the Royal Exchange Hotel decided to get together and raise some money for the sick kids in the area. From these humble beginnings a tradition was born. Every year since then the Royal Exchange Hotel Cork Club has raised funds for the Good Friday Appeal supporting the Royal Children's Hospital. On nineteen occasions (including the last eight in a row) the Royal Exchange Hotel has been the Premier Fundraising Hotel for the Good Friday Appeal.

Many changes have taken place as the years rolled on. New members joined, many departed to persue other interests. Some stayed a short time, while others spent almost a lifetime assisting the Royal Exchange Hotel Cork Club raise funds for this worthy cause.

Even the ways the REH Cork Club raised money has evolved over the years. From Dinner Dances, World Record attempts, Games nights and more through to BBQs, Craft Markets, Santa visits and Auctions the REH Cork Club has always been one of the most diverse groups in the way they raise funds. Give us an idea (legal) and we will have a go!

The club started in 1973, three guys sitting in the public bar at the Royal Exchange Hotel decided to raise some money for the local Hospital in Traralgon at the time. When they went to present to the hospital they were told they had their own auxillary to raise funds and didn't need it. They then decided to donate it to the Good Friday Appeal for the Royal Children's Hospital and the Cork Club was born. Originally they used to carry a cork (the ones from old port bottles that had a plastic top to them - they then cut the cork part off and attached a number using a label printer).

Members would need to keep their cork on them at all times - otherwise they could be fined (20 cents in those days) which would go in the collection tin the next time they were at the pub. We stopped doing this about 15 to 20 years ago for two reasons. The corks became too hard to get, and the pubs don't have the same public bar format any more. In the early days the club would have had a couple of hundred members, in the mid 1990s it was about thirty, and these days it is about ten.

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Year Total Raised Premier Award Top Country Award
42 Years $1,791,808.20 19 Times 35 Times
1973 $215.40 no no
1974 $1,572.31 no no
1975 $7,404.49 no no
1976 $8,000.20 no no
1977 $14,003.40 no yes
1978 $18,004.92 yes yes
1979 $23,298.00 yes yes
1980 $13,645.69 yes yes
1981 $11,353.43 no no
1982 $9,200.00 no no
1983 $9,368.00 no no
1984 $25,500.77 yes yes
1985 $26,002.02 yes yes
1986 $44,150.04 yes yes
1987 $58,689.44 yes yes
1988 $51,605.11 no yes
1989 $36,600.78 no yes
1990 $34,000.00 no yes
1991 $20,536.00 no yes
1992 $22,259.35 no yes
1993 $30,171.90 no yes
1994 $32,451.90 no yes
1995 $42,103.36 yes yes
1996 $37,300.00 no yes
1997 $38,100.00 no yes
1998 $43,230.83 no yes
1999 $37,111.28 no yes
2000 $57,721.00 no yes
2001 $46,387.55 no yes
2002 $70,401.78 yes yes
2003 $68,386.40 yes yes
2004 $75,957.30 yes yes
2005 $67,249.70 no yes
2006 $68,302.29 no yes
2007 $72,948.25 yes yes
2008 $86,334.47 yes yes
2009 $84,280.87 yes yes
2010 $82,685.56 yes yes
2011 $78,012.82 yes yes
2012 $75,859.14 yes yes
2013 $106,356.15 yes yes
2014 $55,046.30 yes yes

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